Sertai kami sebagai PLF di utara bersama Sifu Mohd Rizal Hassan dalam batch kedua The Professional Learning Facilitators Programme edisi Utara April ini.

Daftar sebelum 15 Mac 2014 untuk mendapatkan Yuran Promosi Early Bird

This is a program which upgrades a ‘trainer’ to a Professional Learning Facilitator. In the competitive world of training and facilitation, anybody with the confidence to stand in front a crowd of people and talk wants to be called a ‘trainer’. A Professional Learning Facilitator elevates the mere concept of ‘training’ to the Art and Science of facilitating learning. And this particular program will use the Take Charge! Learning Facilitation Method® to achieve this goal.

The Professional Learning Facilitator program invites the participants to explore and use the many tools used by Mohd Rizal Hassan (www.take-charge.com.my) in his many high-impact programs. He is known to fill his programs with tools and techniques, rather than theories and talk (lecture). Focus is given to “How to” rather than just “Why”. He believes than there will always be many ways to address a subject and he is merely adding another point of view to one’s rich repertoire with regards to the subject of sharing and learning.

Date: 4-6 April 2014 (Friday-Sunday)
Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm (8.30am registration for 1st day)
Venue: Dewan INSPIN, Alor Setar

Fee: RM 450 per person
EARLY BIRD PROMO : RM 350 per person ONLY for registration & FULL payment before 15/03/2014

The program will be conducted in both language English and Malay.

Name : Ms. Nurul
HP Number : 019 392 4913
E-mail : nurul.nadirah@rexcel.com.my

Steps to secure your seat:
1) Inform Nurul via email/phone call/ sms/ FB event your details
Full Name:
Hp No :
Email :

2) Please deposit your payment to the account below

Alliance Islamic Bank

3) Please email to Ms Nurul your payment receipt and please bring the slip during registration

Do invite everybody you know who wants to upgrade their levels of competence from mere ‘trainer’/speaker/teacher to the levels of Professional Learning Facilitator!

This holistic development program for Learning Facilitators will cover 3 major areas:

This module will focus on preparing the participant’s Mind, Body and Spirit, to be the Facilitator he/she wants to be.
(1) Preparing The MIND
Participants will internalize the concept of LEARN in their minds and learn to develop the Mind of the Facilitator they want to be.
(2) Preparing The BODY
Participants will learn to be aware of their Body and how to control their physiology to control the meaning of the messages they put across to their audience.
(3) Preparing The SPIRIT
Participants will learn to keep their Spirit in check and to Inspire With Passion.

This part will focus on the Art & Science of anchoring Learning in the program module, its presentation and summarizing its effectiveness from constant evaluation.
(1) Creating The Learning Module
Participants will learn to develop learning modules, from forming clear-cut learning objectives to developing practical workbooks.
(2) Presenting The Module (The Learning Event)
This section will cover the following topics:
My Stage, My World
Learning Event Checklist
Visual Magic
Psychology of Music
Game Development
Power of Props (Utilization of Toys & Other Equipment)
Crowd Management (Managing The Seven Dwarfs)
(3) Evaluating The Module
Participants will learn to evaluate the Learning Event in segments of seconds, minutes and hours during the Learning Event, and days after the event to benefit Learning Facilitator and the Client.

This segment highlights the Professionalism of sourcing business, branding it and maintaining it.
(1) Running The Business The following topics will be discussed:
Getting The Name Right
Getting The Business Focused
Keeping Costs To a Minimum
Spreading The Name
(2) Branding The Business
The Participants will learn how to create a brand and comprehensively anchor the brand in the minds of the participants of the program and the clients.
(3) Marketing The Business.
The Participants will discuss various marketing strategies to ensure their learning products and services attract the right clients.
(4) Maintaining The Business
The Participants will learn effective steps to maintain the business to make themselves constantly relevant to their clients.


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